MPCM MDSS260S-2 / MDSS260-2

MPCM MDSS260S-2 / MDSS260-2

MPCM MDSS260S-2 / MDSS260-2


MPMC está dedicado el mismo a convertirse en referente mundial en soluciones de emergencia para energía híbrida móvil y proporcionando más soluciones a tiempo y más personalización alrededor del mundo.

• Compact structure with high-strength chassis;

• Easy operation and maintenance, Low cost;

• Excellent performance damping system;

• Compliance with international electrical safety standards of electrical system;

• 6-8 hours base tank;

• High-performance maintenance-free batteries with isolation switch;

• Tropical Radiator(DOOSAN Original);

• Top lifting, Forklift bottom hole design, easy to transport;

• Industrial muffler;

• Noise reduction structure, Low noise;

• Convenient power output interface;

• IP56 (control system)

• Customized design for user

• Structure optional: Open (MDSS260-2)

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